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Over the next 10 years, technology will transform how we live, work, shop, and relate to one another. Transformative technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will assume the majority of our physical work and routine tasks. Digital devices and sensors throughout our homes, appliances, clothing, and products will connect everything to the Internet of Things (IOT) automating the majority of our purchases while Drones and Autonomous Vehicles will enable automatic replenishment through instantaneous delivery.

Consumers will have an exponential amount of control and choice in every step of the purchasing process. The digitization of data and the new normal of Hyper-connectivity will personalize the consumer experience in every way.


The digitization of data will drive highly personalized consumer experiences. Consumer preferences will be immediately understood, with companies providing hyperpersonalized product and service offerings which will factor a consumer’s current emotional state into each interaction. In addition, consumers will have an exponential amount of control and choice in every step of the purchasing process in everything from personalizing products to instantaneous delivery.  Activities that do not drive value to the consumer experience like the stocking of shelves, or cRobot's hand is pushing the buttonheck out, will be automated.

Robots will work alongside a highly skilled human frontline workforce to highly personalize interactive shopping experiences. The frontline workforce in retail will be transformed, for the betterment of consumers, the business and the workforce.

The impact of the digital transformation on the retail workforce, the environment and communities includes some potentially negative implications that will need to be mitigated regarding job loss and retraining, as well as the repurposing of retail space. Responsible, responsive leadership and collaborative action through public-private partnerships will be vital.

Disruptive Technologies

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Eight new technologies are expected to disrupt the retail and CPG industries, offering unprecedented opportunities. They will be adopted at different rates, but each will fundamentally change some aspect of the end-to-end value chain and redefine the core operations of the retail and CPG industries.

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The Eight Technologies:

  1.  Internet of Things
  2.  Autonomous Vehicles/ Drones
  3.  Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning
  4.  Robotics
  5.  Digital Traceability
  6.  3D Printing
  7.  Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality
  8.   Blockchain






At HelpFirst We’re Changing The Way Shoppers Connect With Brands

As we integrate technology into every aspect of our lives, hyper-connectedness will become the new status quo. We’ll have sensors and digital devices everywhere – throughout our homes, in our clothing, and in our appliances – and they’ll all be connected to the internet.

The disruptive technologies and business models that are in the works will increasingly empower consumers that have ready access to information, and we’ll make more informed decisions; the next decade will be known as the “Age of the Empowered Consumer.” We’re already using technology, especially mobile devices, in day-to-day decision making and tasks.

The Coming Tech Will Simplify And Enrich Our Lives In A Streamlined, Unified, And Efficient Process.

Shopping will become less of a chore and more of a specialized engaging social experience full of discovery, excitement, and fulfillment. The immense amount of data that will be collected through our hyper-connectedness will further drive a highly personalized consumer experience. Consumer preferences will be immediately understood. In fact, a consumer’s current emotional state will be identified and factored into the interaction. In addition, consumers will have an exponential amount of control and choice in every step of the purchasing process from personalizing products to instantaneous delivery.

We know that today many consumers are basing their purchase decisions on attributes beyond product taste, performance, and price. Almost half of US consumers strongly prefer brands and products that align to drivers such as corporate citizenship (CSR), and transparency. Our economy is global, but we live, work, and socialize in communities, and more and more people are looking to become involved and make a difference through the brands they support. Our platform streamlines the process and empowers the consumer with every purchase as each transaction will benefit the platform cause and charity of their choice.

Causes like our “Fund A Breakthrough” category on the HelpFirst platform that will seek out the greatest innovators in the non-profit sector that seek to push humanity forward as a space faring civilization, or develop clean, unlimited, and free energy to solve so many of humanities problems. It’s the chance of discovery that emboldens the human soul. That’s what life’s all about; advancement, discovery, and continual growth through education and new experiences. The consumer will truly be empowered by the social impact they make with every platform purchase.

We Believe The Commercial Value Proposition Should Empower The Consumer. Every Purchase. Everyday.

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